Alpha Sigma Tau

Gamma Xi Chapter at Grand Valley State University

Service Experiences

Forest of Fear!

October, 2015

On Friday October 30th, I volunteered at Forest of Fear in Caledonia, MI. Upon arrival, I was so nervous because I am so scared of anything evil or scary. I choose to volunteer there because everyone I talked to said it would be so much fun and you would make memories for a lifetime, which I sure did. I have never laughed so hard scaring people! I had my fiancé and best friend also volunteer with me, which was so very fun! One of my sisters was in the same scene as me and I don’t know how many times we laughed and reminisced on what we just did to the customers that passed through. This was a great experienced and the proceeds went to an amazing cost(: -Alexa Volunteering for the scaring portion of Forest of Fear was so much fun! It was exciting to see so many college aged individuals who were thrilled to be volunteering for the nonprofit cause. The many avenues that Forest of Fear impacts is an inspiration to many, and it's wonderful that they work with so many willing and excited volunteers. They expect to raise even more money than last year to use for holiday food baskets and christmas shopping for children, and I can't wait to be able to volunteer for that too! -Jordyn

Annual Grilled Cheese Fundraiser

October 2015

We hosted our annual Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup event to raise funds for our philanthropy Pine Mountain Settlement School. This was a wonderful chance to make someone else an amazing dinner, and to also get together with other sisters and build wonderful memories. At the beginning of the social our entire kitchen was packed with bread! I have never seen so many loafs of bread, but when my shift was up half was gone already!!! There was an overwhelmingly long line for grilled cheese and tomato soup, but luckily we didn't run out! On a deeper note, knowing that making the sandwiches were impacting many children at Pine Mountain Settlement School made me feel so honored. Sometimes people volunteer with a mind set of helping other’s, which is true, but the people who you are helping are also making a huge impact in your life too! - Alexa I volunteered to cook at AST's grilled cheese and tomato soup event. I loved being able to bond with sisters and mingle with everyone in the Greek community, all while supporting our philanthropy, pine mountain settlement school. Knowing that this was all going to help kids makes me even happier, because I love kids and I love Appalachia! - Madeline This was an awesome opportunity to support our local philanthropy through selling tickets to our unlimited grilled cheese and tomato soup dinner. Shout out to our philanthropy chair, Kelsey, for putting on such a wonderful event! I loved being able to spend time with sisters, but also know that we are a group of girls working to give back to our community. We put on this event every year, but it requires a lot of hard work and planning. I feel blessed to know that my sisters have such a dedicated and strong mindset to helping the children of Pine Mountain Settlement School. - Jordyn I had so much fun getting to spend the time with my sisters raising money for Pine Mountain in such a unique way! I have never seen sooooo many grilled cheeses in one room at once! And so many happy and full college bellies either! I think everyone enjoyed getting to laugh over some yummy, simple food, and hang out with sisters and new friends while we supported our philanthropy! I am so happy I got to be involved in this event this year! I can't wait to come back as an alum next year to give support! - Savannah I volunteered at Grilled cheese and tomato soup at the Alpha sigma Tau house. This was only my second time working the event but it was probably my favorite time. It was really fun cooking with sisters and getting to know them more. Grilled Cheese and tomato soup helps raise money for our national philanthropy so it is always fun to help out that cause. I worked the shift from 7-9pm and luckily it was not too stressful because everyone was working in harmony. Simply cooking tomato soup was easy way to help out the chapter to raise money for our philanthropy and it was fun. - Chantel

Peckham Pride

September 17, 2015

This summer, as I have every summer since the 7th grade, I volunteered at Peckham. It's an organization for the mentally handicapped that takes place every last weekend in June at Higgins Lake. My best friend's mom has volunteered at Peckham since she was a little girl and passed the Friday-Monday tradition onto me and my best friend. The people I volunteer with and the people I volunteer for have honestly turned into family and I look forward to the camp each year with anticipation. The first year I was very shy and I wasn't sure how to approach the people of Peckham; I did a lot of quiet observing that year. After being apart of this program for many years, I find that these individuals that I work with have given more to me than I have given to them. I've learned more about a community of individuals that previously I knew nothing about and have built life-long friendships. This organization has instilled a passion into me and a stronger sense of compassion for others; here I feel rewarded for my time spent that feels more like a vacation than volunteering.